Which car company has the lowest average MPG?



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    I’m not sure which car company gets the lowest, but my guess is that it’s a luxury car company.  If you look at the least gas efficient cars on the market by car genre, all of the cars are made by high end auto manufacturers.  Here’s a list of some of the most fuel inefficient cars on the market (MPGs are in highway miles):

    • Two Seater: Bugotti Veyron (10 MPG)
    • Compact: Bentley Continental (14 MPG)
    • Midsize: Bentley Mulsanne (13 MPG)
    • Midsized station-wagon: Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG (18 MPG)

    People don’t buy these cars for fuel economy, they buy them for brand name and luxury.  Unfortunately, the environment takes a back seat.  Bentley has a number of cars on this list, I would guess that they’re the least fuel efficient car company.

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