Which branch of military uses the most energy?



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    In a report published in a May 2007 Energy Bulletin, a program of Post Carbon Institute, it states that the US Military is the largest single user of energy in the world.  The Energy Bulletin lists various facts and figures, but in summary it states:  in 2006 the energy consumption by the Department of Defense (all branches of the military) was 1% of the consumption by the entire US population; of the energy sold to the Department of Defense, more than half of it was sold to the Air Force; only 35 countries in the world consume more oil than the Department of Defense (as stated in the 2007 CIA World Fact Book), and more.  On the positive side, the US Navy operates the largest wind/diesel hybrid plant in the world, on Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and the US Air Force is the largest renewable energy power purchaser in the U.S..  See the following link, http://www.energybulletin.net/node/29925, for more information.

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