Which branch of science has hurt the environment the most?



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    There cannot be a simple answer to this because sciences are so interlinked. Physics, Chemistry, math, biology and more go into geology that finds ores that become mines. Chemistry and physics and mineralogy yield products, many of which have variable impacts on environment. Chemistry and biology make human lives longer thereby often impacting the environment more, often adversely. Physics and materials science and chemistry help create mechanical technology that does all sorts of things to the environment. They, like the environment itself, are complexly, inextricably intertwined both in the positive and the negative things they result in.

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    Science, in and of itself, only serves humankind and the environment. But it can be twisted and used to justify things that destroy the environment.

    It’s hard to isolate environmental damage to just one branch, since they all interconnect and link to one another, and every area of science has been used to hurt and help the environment. Personally, I’d avoid condemning Chemistry for the production of plastics orbiology for animal testing, but rather investigate how certain individuals or companies misuse it to justify harm to the environment.

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    I don’t believe that any branch of science has hurt the environment, the issue is the humans that interpret or use the science to their own ends without thought or care for consequences.  Sometimes it is simply because we have learned how to use something or create it, but haven’t yet learned the dangers.  This is why it takes time to understand what all the side or long term effects of a drug, chemical, or mining  project may have.  Even branches of the “soft” sciences, such as psychology can have unintended uses or abuses.

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