Which boots are a good choice this winter?

like ugg boots



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    If you’re looking for something eco-friendly as well as fashionable, there are several options. For women, there’s the Harmony Tikuna Boots from Hush Puppies made from recycled foam and bamboo with the linings 100%hemp. For men, there’s the Vagabond Boots from Patagonia made with recycled cork and rubber. 

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    Uggs are made from pure sheepskin.  It has been argued that sheep are actually killed to make the Ugg boots.  However, the aruguement is that the sheep are slaughtered for food anyway.  I do own a pair of Uggs and find them to be extremely comfortable and warm in the winter.  If you are looking for a great eco-friendly website for women’s winter boots, try ecosalon, not only are their shoes eco-friendly but they will keep your feet comfy and warm through winter.

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    Simple Shoes has a cute pair of boots that are eco-certified suede. If you are looking for something vegan, they wouldn’t be an option, but they are partially biodegradable and made of 30% recycled materials.

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    The Northface brand is great for climate weather! I’m surprised that their boots are that cheap.Not only that also you should wear [url=http://www.stee-letas.com]leg accessory[/url] for protecting your leg skin from winter.

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