Which blockbuster movies feature main characters that drive hybrid or fuel-efficient cars?



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    The Prius has a prominent role in the TV shows “Weeds” and “Ghost Whisperer,” but I can’t find info about which characters drive hybrid cars in movies. I can, however, find a list of times the Prius has appeared in movies, which is here:


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    I can’t think of a specific movie, but the first thing that came to mind was “Six Feet Under.”  In the series finale, Claire Fisher drives off to college in a hybrid car.  She presses the on button when she gets into the car.  It was a great episode as well.

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    Cannot really find anything on blockbuster movies that feature the hybrid/ fuel-efficient cars, but I did happen to find an article which talks about how James Cameron (Avatar) gave some of his cast members blue Hybrid cars. Considering Avatar was a big movie this article seems to be somewhat relevant to your question.

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