Which biofeedback device do you recommend – the StressEraser or the emWave?

I’m especially interested in hearing from people who have tried at least one of these products.



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    I haven’t personally used either of these devices, but the writer of this article used both of these devices for three weeks. They found that while StressEraser was more expensive than the emWave it was much easier to operate straight out of the box. The emWave requires you to read the instruction manual to find out what the flashing lights mean which give you the reading. On the StressEraser there is a graph on the device that gives you your reading. No software is needed for the StressEraser, while the emWave requires software. The StressEraser gives you points as you get readings while emWave calculates how much time you spend coherent and gives you a graph to find out your reading. 

    The writer found the StressEraser much easier to use and more engaging than the emWave and that she found it easier to watch her stress levels.


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