Which is better for the environment heating with oil or gas?



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    It would seem that heating oil equipment is best for the environment between the two. This can be misleading since it is such a miniscule differnece. Both gas and oil produce similar amounts and types of emmissions that are harmful to the environment. One of the biggest dangers of oil is the pipelines that destroy wetlands and other natural wonders. 

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    Heating with gas has lower carbon emissions, so it is better for the environment in that sense. It is also cheaper, apparently, according to a 2009 article on houselogic.com. However, actually retrieving both oil and gas are extremely bad for the environment. In addition to what UrbanUrsine mentioned about oil drilling, natural gas drilling involves fracking, which forces huge amounts of chemicals into the ground, contaminating the areas ecosystem as well as water sources.

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    gas…lot less carbon emissoins…better for environment

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