Which is better for the environment, buying locally grown food sprayed with pesticide or buying organic food grown from somewhere else?



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    Though organic food is expected to be produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, some certified organic farms still allow some chemicals and pesticides to be used. Perhaps if possible, it would be better to look into private gardening and make use of home produced natural pesticides, such as concoctions that use ingredients that we can find in our kitchens (e.g. garlic, onions, apple cider vinegar and the like.) There is a wide variety of natural products that can be used as pesticides. For more information check: http://faq.gardenweb.com/faq/lists/organic/2002081329023823.html

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    I would advocate for the organic because of the market signal it sends- buy more organic, and the socioecomic pressure forcing countries in that direction increases.

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    This is definitely a hard question. You want to promote the organic movement but if it comes from Colombia, you are being counter productive by contributing to the use of fossil fuels. I still go with buying local when you can but always research the farm and parent company you are buying from. You may think it is a local farm but can actually be run or owned by a conglomerate.

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    I personally support locally grown food.  Though it may be sprayed with pesticides, you can see firsthand how it is being grown, and it allows for communication with the farmer on a personal basis.  I do not like the idea of having no idea where my food came from, even if it is organic.  Another reason why I find local to be better is that it supports the local economy.  I’d rather support a fellow citizen than a huge corporation.

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    Most local food actually is organic, or very close to it.  If the farm really is local, then you can talk to the farmer.  Does he or she have any sections of crops that utilize less pesticides?  Does he or she know any other local places where you can get organic crops?

    If you are still stuck with that choice, I’d probably still buy the local food because of the fossil fuel usage of non-local food.  Perhaps, with more money in the local market, your local farmers can afford to grow organic food.

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