Which Beatle is the most eco friendly?

I love the Beatles. They are so God blessed.



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    All the Beatles have in some small way incorporated the principles of respectful environmental living into their (extremely popular) image.

    While some would argue Paul McCartney has become the group’s most outspoken advocate of environmental concerns with his late-life vegetarianism and commitments to groups such as PETA, or that George Harrison’s popularization of Eastern religious values such as respecting nature and vegetarianism represent the group’s most public environmental stances, but I would argue that John Lennon has also accomplished a great deal in the field of environmental awareness.

    John’s life was spent trying to wake people up, to get them beyond the complacency of living consumer-driven lifestyles, and to get them to think critically about the world they live in and how their actions shape that world. I believe that his commitment to enhancing rhetoric and raising the expectations of what celebrities should or should not talk about has done a lot towards creating a world where people understand how they affect the world.

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