Which artists have inspired the most people to work toward saving the environment?



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    The late Charley Harper has painted wildlife for over 50 years.  He was commissioned for conservation posters, national park posters among many other commissions.  He has also done a few murals, one of which is in the microbiology department of Miami University in Ohio.  His artwork inspires me greatly on a personal level to connect with nature and strive to protect it. Much of what I have learned about Charley Harper has come from his website   http://www.charleyharperprints.com/  and a recent book by Todd Oldham (Todd interviews Charley and compiles much of his work into one book) http://www.amazon.com/Charley-Harper-Illustrated-Life/dp/0978607651

    He worked mainly with screenprinting and acrylics.  He described his artistic style as “minimal realism.” 

    One of his posters supporting national parks:

    One of my favorites: 


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    I think that Wyland has been extremely influential in helping the environment with his art.  While he mostly focuses on the marine aspect of conservation, he contributes a great deal to the cause.  He has a foundation that helps environmental education and travels the world painting murals to raise awareness of environmental issues. 

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    Ansel Adams is a very well known artist that I believe had a profound impact on environmentalism and conservation. Adams is best known for capturing stunning images of nature, mainly beautiful shots of open spaces, mountains, and valleys. Born in 1902 in San Francisco, Adams was uninterested in school or sports, and preferred to spend his time exploring the creeks and forests near his home. His father gave him his first camera on a family trip to Yosemite- Adams was overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the park and wished to capture it. Yosemite would be a place Adams returned to again and again for the remainder of his life, to be inspired and awed. Adam’s photos and advocacy helped expand the national park system. Adams also served on the Sierra Club board of directors for 37 years, and was a member from age 17 until his death in 1984. 

    File:Adams The Tetons and the Snake River.jpg 

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