Which areas of the world are hit the hardest with flooding?



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    There’s no way to know which area of the world has the worst annual flooding, but China gets heavy annual flooding; and due to their heavily developed and overpopulated country, the flooding usually carries a heavy loss of life and property damage.  Of the 9 deadliest floods in world history, 6 have taken place in China.  Annual flooding from the Yangtze River and Yellow River devastate countless villages that boarder the rivers edge.  Additionally the river has 700 tributaries that also flood and affect nearby villages.

    In terms of loss of life and property damage, China is most likely one of the most hard hit flood victims.

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    The South Pacific Islands are very low lying areas that are experiencing the effects of rising sea levels. The rising sea levels have begun to contaminate their underground freshwater supplies. To add to their problems, they are also going through a horrible drought and are in desperate need of clean water. Although this is a different type of flooding, the problem still exists and greater action to stop global warming is needed. 

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