Which area of the world did agriculture start in?



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    The first form of agriculture was foraging. People would travel on foot searching and gathering food as they found it.

    The first agricultural farming was performed in Egypt. The Nile Delta floods and drains annually making it excellent farm land that does not require irrigation. Later canals were built to expand the farm-able areas of the Delta.

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    The birthplace of agriculture is hard to pinpoint exactly because of the ebb and flow of hunter-gatherer societies. However, early development of agriculture was seen in the Fertile crescent of western asia, the Indus Valley of India, and Egypt. Other areas such as China, and some places in the Americas and Africa developed independent systems of agriculture.

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    domestication of flora and fauna for human use began in modern day southern Iraq and parts of Iran, Turkey and Syria, where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet. It is nicknamed the “Fertile Crescent.” The rich soil, mild climate and biodiversity, coupled with some luck and human ingenuity gave rise to agriculture and, ultimately, civilization. 

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