Which are some of the most sustainable cities on earth?



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    The Ethisphere Institute rated the top ten most sustainable cities as: Portland, OR; Victoria, Canada; Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; Helsinki, Finland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Doha, Qatar; Reykjavik, Iceland; Wellington, New Zealand, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. These are not in any particular order.

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    Within the U.S., the National Resources Defense Council ranks the top 5 sustainable cities as Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, Portland, OR, Oakland, CA, and San Jose, CA.  The criteria for this ranking were as follows:  Green Building, Standard of Living, Air Quality, Environmental Standards and Participation, Recycling, Transportation, Energy Production and Conservation, Green Space, and Water Quality.

    In Europe, a study, developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, called the European Green City Index,  declared the top 5 sustainable cities to be:  Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm, Sweden, Oslo, Norway, Vienna, Austria, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  This index considered the following criteria: 

    • CO2
    • Buildings
    • Energy
    • Transport
    • Water
    • Waste and Land Use
    • Air Quality
    • Environmental Governance.
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