Which animals have the most bizarre mating rituals?



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    I was able to find several websites dedicated to bizarre animal mating rituals, all of which were both fascinating and quite disturbing.  One consensus seems to be the banana slug whose “man parts” are the same length as his body.  This means he has to search for a mate that is at least as long as he is, otherwise things just won’t work out.  Check out more weird ones on the following link by DiscoveryScience.com http://science.discovery.com/top-ten/2009/mating-ritual/mating-ritual-05.html

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    here’s a good list with several strange animal mating rituals. 


    I thought the dolphins ‘versatile’ penis was pretty strange. 

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    Two animals I consider to have bizarre mating rituals are Bonobo Monkeys and the Brown Antechinus. 

    I find the Bonobo mating ritual to be interesting because Bonobo Monkeys have sex frequently and they often use sex to greet other monkeys, to solve conflicts, and to celebrate. 

    The Brown Antechinus’ mating ritual is bizarre in that the male dies after he has had his share of sex with a number of other females. During mating season, the male Brown Antechinus stops everything to have sex with as many females as possible. Afterwards, the males are usually so exhausted that they become immunosuppressed and suffer from severe ulcers and consequently, death. 

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