Which animals have the largest litters?



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    Tenrecs, mammals native to Madagascar, are known for their large litters. Tenrec litters average around 10-20 young, which is the highest among mammals. The largest recorded tenrec litter was an astonishing 32. 


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    The naked mole rat once was recorded with a litter of 33.  Typically the largest litter size is dependent on the number of nipples.  Thus the largest average litter goes to the Tailless Tenrec which have anywhere from 21 to 29 nipples.  The largest Tailless Tenrec litter recorded was 32.

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    I believe the animal that has the biggest litters are tiger snakes. Commonly found in southern and eastern Australia, tiger snakes can give birth to as many as 126 young. As far as the most fecund vertebrate goes, however, ocean sunfish are the heaviest bony fish in the world, averaging 1.8 meters long and 1000 kg, and can release 300 million eggs at a time for fertilization.

    Tiger Snake

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