Which animal do you think has been hurt the most by human populations?



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    If you wish to know for a specific country please let me know but otherwise i would have to say the bengal tiger is definitely one. There once were over a hundred thousand of these magnificent creatures across the world but sadly now there are only approxiamately 2500 left anywhere. They are in countries such as nepal, bangladesh and india however fast growing cities and towns as well as rapid deforistation and transformation of forests to agricultural fields has reduced their habitat size to only a few small pools across the world.

    This is one of the worst examples however another species now incredibly rare is the giant panda. Not to go into detail there is now only approxiamately 700 left in existance and with their tragic ability to only produce one baby per pregnancy it is very unlikely their numbers will increase. This is due to the culling of these graceful giants in countries such as china of the past 600 years as well as because of the huge reduction in the size of their habitat meaning that the majority of this species are now raised, and live their entire lives in captivity.

    There are many other examples like these, just look on any endangered species list and do a bit of background reading. Takes 10 minutes at most.

    Hope I Helped

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    I agree with Holmes.  The tiger and panda are some of the most majestic animals to possibly face extinction. Moreover, any animal that has directly faced extinction because of human population would probably classify as the “most hurt.” Take, for example, the Carrier Pigeon. The bird lived in North America and became extinct because of bad hunting methods. 

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