Which animal in America has been hit the hardest with habitat loss?



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    There are several animals losing or lost their home to human activity.  The Bald Eagle is endangered in 43 states, threatened in five.  California Condors are one of the rarest birds in the world.  Numbers are dwindling, but San Diego and LA are working on conservation efforts.  Polar Bears are hunted for fur and meat.  Sadly, over hunting is endagering Polar Bears.  Finally, Penegrine Falcons once could be found worldwide.  With the spread of DDT in their food chain and disruption of their habitat from human activity, have become a rare bird.     

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    The grey wolf is also threatened because of habitat loss.  They have been in conflict with humans encroaching into their habitat for livestock use for years, particularly in the states of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.  Ranchers have been killing wolves that attack their livestock, and these attacks have increased tension against the grey wolf.  Wolves only attack the livestock because they do not have enough habitat to roam and hunt.  The sick or dying livestock makes easy prey.

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    Vegas Valley Leopard Frog (Lithobates [=Rana] fisheri)

    A population was recently re-discovered in Arizona so it is no longer considered extinct, but where the frog primarily use to live was in spring fed streams in the Las Vegas Valley.

    A rather idiotic species known as Homo sapiens sapiens decided it would be a good idea to build a major city in the middle of a desert, and we capped off virtually all of the springs in order to provide water for this city.

    This, combined with the introduction of American Bullfrogs, resulted in the extinction of this once plentiful frog from the Vegas Valley.

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