Which airline is going to be the first to switch to only biofuel?



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    I think it’s too early to call.  Continental and Alaska Airlines both started doing some flights with biofuel this month, but they’re paying $16 a gallon as oppose to $3.15 a gallon for regular jet fuel.  Alaska Airlines commented that with prices like this a switchover wasn’t going to be happening anytime soon.  There are ten airlines though that have signed letters of intent with Solena, a biofuel production company, that they will buy from them and try to make it more of a regular thing.   JetBlue is one of those airlines and personally I’d like to see them be the first to do something like this.  If JetBlue can be the only airline in the U.S. that still allows you to check a bag for free on domestic flights, they can be the first to completely transition over to biofuels.  

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