Which African country uses the most solar power?



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    Solar power doesn’t have much of a foothold in Africa YET, although there’s a big push for it.  They’re the ones going to be suffering from climate change the most, so they want clean, cheap energy -and solar power would take advantage of Africa’s ample sunlight.

    The biggest project so far has probably been in Ethiopia, where the Solar Energy Foundation built a solar infrastructure that supplies cheap, clean energy to 10,000 people. But, I’m having trouble finding stats on a country-by-country basis, because solar power is still just taking off.

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    The linked page has tables for electricity generation by country, and by type. Solar is lumped together with tidal and wave energy, but for all three together only three nations in Africa show any at all — Eritrea, Senegal, and South Africa, all with very tiny amounts reported. Not clear why the Ethiopian project mentioned by sarahtonin is not indicated – might be too new?

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