whether the temperature of different parts of the body same or different

i need the answer urgently



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    I think what you are asking is does every part of the body stay the same temperature? The constant body temperature can vary by a degree or two depending on the weather, but mostly our bodies must maintain the consistent 98.6 to stay healthy. Though sometimes your limbs or fingers can feel different on the surface, they still must maintain an inner constant. Although, depending on blood vessel coverage, some external body parts can be a bit cooler than your core. If the body is hot, it sweats to cool off. Its only in extreme conditions when extreme change in body temperature can occur. Frostbite, for example, is the result of extreme cold penetrating the body to its core, but may not affect the whole body. Of course, if you have a medical emergency, it is always best to call 911 and get professional medical advice.

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