Where is the world’s largest solar power plant?



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    Currently the largest solar plant is in Germany. Its a GM plant and was built in 2009, producing 80.7MW. There are plans that have been approved by the US Government to build a bigger solar plant in the Mojave Desert, that will produce 3000MW! It will cost $6 billion and take up 7,000 acres of public land. It is estimated that by 2020 it will provide power to most residents in the state of California. 

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    Several years ago, the largest solar powered plant was in California, according to Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. In May of 2009, Rudd announced that Australia would surpass the largest plant in the world, the one in California, with a 1,000 megawatt plant. In October 2010, plans made for California’s Mojave Desert met this goal and they intend to build their own 1,000 megawatt solar powered plant. It will generate as much energy as a coal or nuclear power plant. 

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