Where in the world are there still unprotected, or inadequately protected, areas of rainforest?



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    Unfortunately there are many such areas throughout the world. One of the unprotected rainforests that has been getting the most attention lately is Burma’s, where forests of teak, prized for furniture and for use in boats, are without adequate protection either because they haven’t been declared off-limits, or because the military regime that rules Burma looks the other way when illegal logging occurs in protected areas. Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia all have large tracts of rainforests that are not protected or inadequately protected, and very few areas of protected forest exist in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, most of the world’s rainforest happens to be located in very poor countries. Both the lack of resources for conservation as well as the temptation of easy economic gains from short-term forest exploitation (logging, usually) make protecting the forests a difficult business in these places.

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