Where is water scarcity the biggest problem in the world today?



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    Water scarcity is typically worse in desert areas and poorly irrigated areas. The Middle East is always faced with water scarcity, as they are all pretty much desert countries. There are also many places in Africa that have a poor irrigation and pipe system, including all of North Africa, Kenya, and South Africa. High population countries in Asia also face water shortages on a regular basis, including China, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. A healthy flow a fresh water can be due to droughts, unmaintained pipelines for water aqueducts, and a lack of fresh water sources (rivers, lakes, etc.).

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    Water is essential to life. Unfortunately, there are still countries out there who do not have access to clean and safe water. In our world today, 1 out of 8 people in the world do no have access to safe, drinkable water. In developing countries, 80% of illness is related to poor quality water and sanitation conditions. Children suffer worldwide and 1 out 5 die due to water related diseases.

    Here is a list of countries starting with the country that suffers the most from lack of sanitary and safe water. This list is based on access to water, water demands, and reliance on external water supplies.

    1. Somalia

    2. Mauritania

    3. Sudan

    4. Niger

    5. Iraq

    6. Uzbekistan

    7. Pakistan

    8. Egypt

    9. Turkmenistan

    10. Syria

    The Himalayan sub-region of India, Bangladesh, China and Nepal also suffer from lack of access to safe, drinkable water but did not make Maplecroft’s top ten list.

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