Where was the largest oil spill in the world?



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    The largest oil spill in American history was the Exxon spill in Alaska.  Exxon refused to pay the associated fine.  The largest spill in the history of the world was in Kuwait in 1991, which amounted to 520 million gallons of spilled oil.  The Iraqis had caused the spill on purpose with the objective of slowing down the invasion of American troops.

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    The Arabian Gulf oil spill in 1991 spilled roughly 900 million gallons of oil. On Jan. 19, 1991, Iraqi soldiers began destroying oil wells, tankers and oil terminals as they retreated from Kuwait during the Gulf war. For comparison, the Exxon Valdez spilled about 10.8 million gallons of oil, just two years before. And NASA says that about 140 million barrels of oil are released into the oceans every year, just by human use, i.e. changing your own oil, not transportation!

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