Where was the first tricycle invented?



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    The first tricycle was built by Stephan Farffler in 1680. Stephan Farffler was a German paraplegic who was a watchmaker near Nuremburg. He created the tricycle so that he would be able to get around and drive himself to church every Sunday. His tricycle had hand cranks and gears. Later on, Stephan Farffler’s tricycle evolved into a quadricycle which is a bicycle with four wheels.

    Although the tricycle was invented in 1680, the tricycle was not widely known until 1819 when England received knowledge of the invention. Denis Johnson was the first to patent the tricycle. From then on the tricycle grew in popultion.

    In 1876, there was a tricycling trend in Britain. James Starley’s Coventry Lever Tricycle started the “craze” and further contributed to the evolution of the tricycle. Starley’s Coventry Lever Tricycle was driven with a lever and two small wheels on the right and a large wheel on the left. From then on from 1876 to 1884, all the tricycles were modeled after James Starley’s Coventry.

    Most of the British manufacturers stopped producing tricycles in the 1990s. Presently, the British use tricycles today for recreational purposes. Today, more well-known is the bicylce which can be seen in use all over the world.

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