Where in the U.S. is wind resources the greatest?



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    Wind resources are greatest along the coasts, especially just off-shore Northern California and Southern Oregon as well as a bit further off the coast of Maine. For on-shore wind, the Dakotas have the best wind resources, along with parts of Wyoming and Nebraska. You can use the link below to see the wind resource maps for the entire country.

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    The wind energy resources in the United States are strongest along the Pacific coast in northern California and southern Oregon. The overall average wind speed at 50 meters elevation in those areas is between 20-25 mph.

    Other strong regions for wind energy are off the coast of Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and, curiously enough, in the Alaskan peninsula. Alaska would not be a feasible location for wind power because of its low population density, and there has been great opposition to offshore wind in the northeast.

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