Where is the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center?



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    The U.S.-China Energy Center is located at the National Research Center for Coal and Energy, which is in West Virginia University. The U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center, established in 2009, is working with the NRCCE and WVU in the Advanced Coal Technology Consortium to research and develop new coal processes, and is using WVU as its headquarters. NRCCE, which is the hub for all of these programs, is located in WVU at 385 Evansdale Drive, PO Box 6064, Morgantown, WV 26506-6064.

    CERC focuses on three main goals: building energy efficiency, clean vehicles and advanced coal technologiy. All three have consortiums led by one prime American university or lab (for a total of three places – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of Michigan, and WVU), and from my research it seems like the CERC splits up in those three places, without a common headquarters, except for WVU which holds US-CEC.

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