Where in the U.S. can you find old-fashioned covered bridges?



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    Pennsylvania is the state with the most covered bridges in the country boasting over 200. Vermont has more bridges per mile with 107 statewide. If you are based on the opposite coast Oregon also has so many covered bridges they even have a Covered Bridge Society, see the second link below. Check the first link for a good list of areas with bridges.

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    Vermont and New Hampshire are renowned for their covered bridges. They’re beautiful and a lot of fun to travel through. 

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    You will find these wonderful old bridges in the older parts of America, mostly in the New England area and the Southern states. Further west they become almost nil, except for Oregon, as historically newer bridges had been invented and implemented. They tend to be in smaller townships, away from most large metropolitan areas. Some other states they can be found in are Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, and Minnesota.  

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