Where is turtle island?



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    There are several turtle islands. If it is the resort that you are familiar with, you’re probably thinking of the turtle islands in Fiji. However, there are couple other’s named turtle island in Thailand and Taiwan

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    Turtle Island is also a term used by several Native American tribes to refer to the North American continent (this comes from stories about the creation of the world, which is placed on the back of a turtle). It is debatable whether this was a pre-contact term, but plenty of Native American activists use it today

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    Turtle Island Resort is located on Nanuya Levu, one of the private islands in Fiji. Richard Evanson bought the island in 1972, and after restoring it after the damage from wild goats, renamed it Turtle Island. Since then, Evanson has led one of the top sustainable tourist destinations in the world. Over 500,000 native trees have been planted, freshwater ponds have been created to promote bird life, clinics have been established to care for local villagers, the resort uses an organic vegetable garden, and there is an environmental audit by an independent agency every five years.

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