where is the swan from the big dipper?



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    The below eHow article, shows how to find the swan constellation, Cygnus.

    “Search for the bowl of the Big Dipper, and then move your eyes to the two stars closest to its handle. Form an imaginary line that connects these two stars and follow it up to the star Deneb, which marks the tail of the Swan constellation.”

    There are other helpful hints in the article if you need more help.

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    The website linked gives excellent instructions:

    “In the other direction, pointing above the open bowl, the line [between the two stars closest to the handle] runs to Deneb, in the constellation Cygnus (the Swan, which looks like a cross). Deneb is the tail of the swan, which is flying south for the winter along the Milky Way. Deneb, together with two other stars (Vega and Altair) form the summer triangle, an asterism which dominates the night sky all summer long.”

    For information on finding other constellations from the Big Dipper, see the first link below.

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    In case you feel like going old-school and getting a book, H.A. Reys’ The Stars: A New Way to Look at Them is an excellent book for finding constellations.  It’s the same author (and I’d venture to say the same illustrator, if not one and the same) as the Curious George books.  But don’t take my word for it, read Albert Einstein’s recommendation on the back: “Many thanks for you lucid and stimulating book.  I hope it find the interest it deserves.”

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