Where should you dispose of weeds and grass clippings?



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    Grass clippings have been banned from landfills by approximately half of the states in the United States. Regardless of bans, however, there are no good reasons to collect and dispose of lawn grass clippings. In the collection system, grass clippings are a costly nuisance. Yet when recycled at home, grass clippings are a resource of valuable plant nutrients and organic matter for your soil. The best way to manage grass clippings is to leave them on the lawn. Grass clippings left to decompose (in place) will improve your turf.
    When left on the lawn, properly mowed grass clippings filter down to the soil and decompose rapidly, usually within a few weeks. During the breakdown process, the clippings feed soil organisms, recycle plant nutrients, and contribute organic matter to the soil. As a result, water is conserved and less fertilizer is needed.

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    If you cannot dispose of the lawn clippings in your personal compost pile, see if your city has a compost facility. If neither of these are possible then I would suggest leaving the grass clippings in the lawn and cutting up weeds with the mower.

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