Where should I recycle my egg cartons?



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    I’ll assume we’re talking about cardboard egg cartons here. I know some places have styrofoam egg cartons, and if you use those I would suggest 1. Switching to cardboard and 2. Going to http://earth911.com/ and looking up a place where you can recycle polystyrene (the techincal name for styrofoam).

    So, if you have curbside recycling, cardboard egg cartons can go in the bin with other paper products. If you don’t, I suggest using Earth911 to find a recycling company near you, or looking up your local waste management company and asking them what the procedure is for recycling in your area.

    There are also some fun and useful ways you can reuse egg cartons. The link below has some great examples.

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    Like yzezzy said, http://www.earth911.com is a great resource for learning how to recycle materials that can be difficult to recycle.  There are also a lot of great ways to reuse egg cartons for projects around the house, like refilling them at farmers markets when buying local eggs or as storage for small knick knacks.  Take a look at the links below, or think of your own neat ways to reuse egg cartons.

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