Where is shark fining commonly practiced?



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    Although shark finning has been banned by the United States, Canda, and most recently being proposed by the European Commision in EU, approximately more than 100 countries still participate in the practice. According to Oceanic Defense, Hong Kong is involved in between 50-80 percent of the shark finning trade worldwide

    Throughout Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Maylasia, Thailand) there is a high demand for shark fin soup encouraging the act of shark finning to continue. The reason shark finning continues to be a legal practice is because “consumers are largely unaware of the origins of shark fin. Studies in Hong Kong and Taiwan show that consumers have little understanding of where shark fin soup comes from, of overfishing, of illegal shark fishing or of the practice of finning,” (http://www.sharksavers.org).

    Shark finning

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