Where is the most pristine, environmentally untouched region of the continental US?



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    “Continental” would include Alaska, in which there are vast areas that are fundamentally untouched, except by global problems like air pollution and climate change. But you probably mean the 48 conterminous states. Some of the larger wilderness areas include the Bob Marshall in Montana and the wildernesses in central Idaho. Much of Nevada is relatively untouched, both in the mountains and the valleys in some areas, though it is so arid many people would not call it nice even though it is more or less pristine.  It’s really pretty subjective, what is the most “pristine,” given the number of variables.

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    I agree with rigibson’s answer, that this is a very subjective question. On my move from Florida to Washington state in December, we drove through some places in Wyoming and Oregon that seemed completely deserted, untouched by humans except for the road we were driving on. In the mountains of Oregon, there were several times where we would go for miles and miles without seeing a streetlight, gas station, or even another car. The forest around us was absolutely beautiful and if you stopped and walked just a little bit off the road, it would be easy to pretend that you were all alone in the world, it was so quiet and untouched.  

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