Where is the most powerful telescope located?



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    The Pan-STARRS PS1 Telescope in Hawaii claims to be the Earth’s most powerful telescope, according to a recent article, below. Because it has been successful at finding asteroids that could be a threat to Earth, the telescope is useful in a practical way: it keeps the Earth safe. However, some other telescopes, such as the Hubble Space Telescope (located in space), have often been cited as powerful in that they are able to see farther distances and are capable of discovering new information about the universe.

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    Pan-STARRS PS1 in Hawaii claims to be the most powerful telescope, particularly for asteroid study, as it has discovered 19 near-Earth asteroids in a single night, two of which will come very close within 100 years. PS1 will be keeping track of these asteroids.

    Pan-STARRS PS1 also boasts the world’s largest digital camera, and takes hundreds of pictures each night, scanning for moving asteroids. The telescope is very well funded by the US Air Force and NASA, showing how seriously our government takes near-Earth asteroids.

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