Where is the most common place to get bit by a brown recluse?



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    Brown Recluse spiders are said to be the most prevalent in the SouthWestern United States. They are most active during the night time (resting during the day) and tend to reside in wood surfaces (attics and basements) and cardboard boxes. 

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    Brown Recluse spiders are usually found in southern states, from California to Virginia. However, Brown Recluse spiders have also been found in some northern states such as Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio. 

    The most common situations involving a person being bit by a Brown Recluse include putting on clothing or shoes containing a Brown Recluse spider, blindly picking up objects without a glove in a secluded or rarely visited area, or while rolling onto a Brown Recluse while sleeping in bed. 

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