Where may I recycle a computer, monitor, etc.?



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    This will depend on where you live.  You could try making a search for e-waste collection in your city, or check with places like your local electronics store, sometimes they host colleciton drives or will know where there will be one.  You can also take a look that this EPA website which has links to different businesses helping you find e-waste collections or places to donate your old electronics.


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    Earth 911 has a directory where you can search for recycling facilities in your area by typing in your location and what you want to recycle.

    Some electronics stores, including Best Buy offer free e-waste recycling as well. Many universities and colleges recycle computers and monitors since they generate so much e-waste, but you may have to wait for a scheduled recycling event.

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    The EPA offers tools to locate where you can find electronics recycling centers near you:


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