Where mastodon tusks ivory?



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    Yes, like the tusks of elephants, mastodon tusks were made of ivory. The ivory tusks are produced by cells that lie at the base of the tusk where dentin meets the hard outer layer of the tooth, called cementum.

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    Yes, the mastodons did have tusks made of ivory, as evidenced by fossil remains that have been found. Juvenile mastodons had both upper and lower tusks, but the smaller, lower tusks were lost once the animal reached adulthood. The rest of the teeth would grow in from the back of the jaw, pushing forward and replacing the old, worn down teeth in the front. Similar to elephants, they were given six sets, and left to starve to death once the last pair was worn down after about 60-80 years. Below is a picture of a fossilized section of ivory mastodon tusk.

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