Where is liquid found in space?



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    Titan exists near the triple point of methane, where earth exists near the triple point of water. Therefore Titan is suggsted to have a methane cycle with methane seas and clouds and rivers, just like  earth has a water cycle.

    Researchers are confident that Mars at one time had liquid water at the surface from the topographic features, but gradually the water all was either evaporated or sequestered in icefields beneath the surface. Have a look at Mars surface here:


    There are many places, such as other planets, in the universe where liquids exist. All you have to do is go to the period table here:


    and look at the freezing/melting point. Then go to wikipedia and and find the temperature – then you can know the phase of each comound.


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    Well the rovers that we have sent to Mars have found water ice multiple times in multiple places. These findings have fueled some of the debate of life in Mars, and the probability of life in other areas in space 

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