Where is the largest temperate rainforest? Is this forest included when we say we should “save the rainforest”?



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    The Pacific Northwest Temperate Rainforest, which runs from the San Francisco Bay to the Gulf of Alaska’s Kodiak Island, is the world’s largest temperate rainforest. It supports over 200 species and over 1,500 types of invertebrates.

    One source, savetherainforest.org, claims that both “tropical and temperate” rainforests are “endangered ecosystems”. Thus, both are worthy of the phrase “Save the Rainforest”.

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    The largest tract of temperate rainforest in the world is along the Pacific Coast of British Columbia. Although 50% smaller than it once was due to logging, this area still accounts for 1/4 of the earth’s temperate rainforest land area. While there are initiatives and foundations created to preserve these areas, they do need to be included in the idea of saving the rainforest, as they are similarly important ecosystems.

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