Where is the largest recycling plant?



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    One problem with identifying the largest recycling plant is that many of them focus on recycling a specific product. Here are some examples. The largest plastics recycling plant is in Beijing, China; it can recycle 60,000 tons of scrap plastic a year. Also, Coca Cola has opened the world’s largest bottle to bottle recycling plant.

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    The world’s largest general plastics recycling plant is in Beijing, China, and is capable of handling 60,000 tons of plastic scrap per year. The largest plastic bottle-to-bottle plant is owned by Coca-cola and recently opening in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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    The world’s largest plastic bottle recycling plant is in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The plant is jointly owned by the Coca-Cola Co. and United Resource Recovery Corp. As of 2006, the plan was for the plant to produce approximately 100 million pounds of food-grade recycled PET plastic each year. This is equivalent to around 2 billion 20-ounce bottles. The plant was opened in 2008.

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