Where is the largest goat farm in the United States?



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    The largest Goat Farm I could find harbors over 600 goats and is located in Scandia, Minnesota.

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    600 aint nothin. We have a dairy goat farm in southern wi and we have over 1200 at the whole farm. 600 alone are milking here. The rest are kids, yearlings and bucks. We arnt even the biggest in the state. There is a few other dairy goat farms that are bigger than us.

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      1200 that is pretty big. So if there are some that are bigger than you guys do you have any idea how big is the largest? Also why do you think it is that goat meat isn’t as popular in America as some other countries. Its delicious and I would imagine cheaper to produce than other meats like beef and pork.

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    One of the largest goat farms in the United States. It’s located in Fox Lake WI and its called G&G Double Dairy. Currently with 700 plus milking and 800 yealings and meat kids. There is also farms in CA and AZ with over 1000 milking.

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