where is it written – the role of government is to protect us?

where is it written – the role of government is to protect us. Government is the last organization I want tiring to keep me safe. Wise up, politicians have only one agenda and this involves their own self interest. Not yours or mine.

The answer to your concern for the wasteful neighbor is influence and education.

If someone wastes carelessly, there is a high probability they are ignorant of their effects on everyone’s quality of life.



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    I hope someone else can answer the top question. I believe yo uahve two points that you are trying to make.

    1. You think people believe that politicians work in the interest of the citizens where you believe they are only intested in themselves.

    2. Waste is a problem and you believe education and influence are the solutions.

    I agree with point 2. I do not believe most people who contribute to waste and inequality in the world realize the effect of their actions. Education is a great tool.

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    In Locke’s Second Treatise, he postulates that the main role of government is to protect citizens and their property, liberty, and lives. As long as the people accept all of the laws and rules laid down by said government, and their property and rights are duly protected, Lock claims that the ruling government should remain sovereign. The protection of citizens, for him, is therefore what gives any government the right to rule.

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