where in Idaho can we recycle glass?



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    I recommend going to Earth911.com and entering “glass” in the first search box and then either your zip code, city, or region in the second search box. There are plenty of recycling centers throughout Idaho.

    If you still cannot find a suitable place to recycle your glass, I recommend calling your waste management company for suggestions about recycling centers.

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    If you live in Boise, the Albertsons on State and 16th street has a glass collection bin in the parking lot that I know of for sure. The first link below has a list of additional places throughout Boise where glass collection is available. If you’re elsewhere in Idaho, the second link below offers a list of locations you can take your glass too. Also, if you have glass jars remember you can always use them to hold bulk items like sugar and oats—they work great for food storage!

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