Where is the hottest water that comes out of the ground?



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    Geysers such as Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park is some of the hottest water that comes out of the ground. It is heated by volcanic activity and converted to steam because of the intense heat. Water can escape as vapors/gas, and that would be the hottest coming out of the ground, but if you watch a video of Old Faithful erupting, you will see much of the steam and hot liquid water escape from the ground. Volcanic springs or fissures is where the hottest water can come out of the ground.

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    The hottest water that comes out of the earth is actually found at the bottom of the ocean, in the form of undersea vents.  Water temperatures at these thermal vents have been measured at 600 degrees Fahrenheit, 400 degrees over the normal boiling point of water.  This is because the extreme pressure of the surrounding water prevents the vent water from vaporizing, thus allowing it to remain super heated.

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