Where have they found the most fossils?



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    If you are asking about dinosaur fossils, Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada has yielded 37 different species of dinosaurs. Fossils are also extremely abundant in the southwestern United States, Mongolia and Argentina.

    Some of the most abundant fossil organisms are bryozoans, colonial animals that look similar to coral but are more complex, and can be found throughout the world in shallow marine sedimentary deposits. Arthropods and mollusks are the most abundant fossils in terms of number of species.

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         Paleontologists use the German word “l├Ągerstatten” (literally, “places of storage”) to describe places with a lot of fossils. Some l├Ągerstatten include Bitter Springs, in South Australia, the La Brea Tar Pits, and Lake Turkana, Kenya. 

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