Where has the impact of global warming been the highest?



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    Climate change affects people all over the world in a variety of environments. But if you had to pick someplace, arid regions, such as Australia, Mexico and much of Africa, are among the hardest-hit.  The heat is becoming more intense and the rainy season doesn’t arrive on schedule like it used to. This is causing intense droughts that lead to people going hungry. 

    Then of course there’s the Arctic, where the sea ice and permafrost is disappearing at an alarming rate.  This isn’t only bad news for the polar bear, but for people like the North American Inuit and Russian caribou farmers who have depended on the snow and ice for centuries.  Finally, several small, low-lying island nations are almost certain to be swallowed up completely by rising sea levels, such as Tuvalu in Polynesia.

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