Where is global warming the biggest problem?



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    Because greenhouse gases spread throughout the atmosphere fairly evenly and quickly, there is no one place where they are a big problem. Rather, they are a big problem everywhere on the planet. Certainly, first world developed areas like the United States and Europe emit the most pollutants, and China and India are fast catching up. However, as average global temperatures rise, tropical areas seem to be the areas that will suffer the most damage. Very delicate ecosystems in the rainforests and deserts will become quite disrupted by an increase in temperature of just a few degrees. Unfortunately, most of the tropical areas that will be sorely affected are inhabited by underdeveloped nations and people who have contributed the fewest emissions.

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    One aspect to note to is that coastal regions, especially in imposverished countries, are in danger due to sea level rising.  As temperatures warm, the oceans expand, which causes the sea levels to rise.  While eventually this becomes a problem for people who live and are established close to the ocean, it also causes more sever weather, such as flooding.  Salinity of water in both the surface and the ground water also increases. 

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