Where in florida are there bananas crops?

what cities?



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    Unfortunately, due to how spread the crops are, this can be really hard to answer. The climate in Florida actually isn’t as useful to growing bananas as one might think – while its nice and balmy, there are occassional cases of frost that could kill entire crops. They tend to be pretty darn scattered, and if they are like most crops they probably aren’t grown in cities at all, at least not commercially. 

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    It seems Southern Florida is best for bananas. THough Florida is considered a sub-tropical climate, there are occasional freezes making it  a marginal area for commercial banana production. Many varieties of banana can be grown in Florida including Goldfinger, Rajapuri, and Namwa. The Redlands is an agricultural area 25 miles southwest of Miami and is home to Tropical Fruit Growers – an operation that does exactly what the name implies. And they even offer banana tours.

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