Where to find pictures of these fish found on kapalua bay maui

Teardrop Butterflyfish, Bluestripe Butterflyfish, Christmas Wrasse, Saddle Wrasse, Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse, Bird Wrasse, Threadfin Butterflyfish, Trumpetfish, Cornetfish, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, Lei Triggerfish, Orangeband Surgeonfish, Whitebar Surgeonfish, Brown Surgeonfish, Orangespine Unicornfish, Bluespine Unicornfish, Convict Tang, Bigscale Soldierfish, Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby, Palenose Parrotfish, Ember Parrotfish, Moorish Idol, Bluefin Trevally, Freckled Hawkfish, Barred Filefish, Whitemouth Eel, Gregory, Hawaiian Dascyllus, Blackfin Chromis, Blackspot Sergeant, Hawaiian Sergeant Major, Spotted Boxfish, Scarface Blenny, Ornate Butterflyfish, Rainbow Runner, Manybar Goatfish, and Stripebelly Puffer.



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    Teardrop Butterflyfish

    Here’s the Teardrop Butterflyfish. I would recommend doing individual Google searches and the like instead of looking for one place to find them all. It shouldn’t prove to difficult. 

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    This is the Convict Tang. I second the above recommendation for google (which is where I got this image from – linked below). Good luck!

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